To: Exeter City Council

Stop the new swimming pool in Exeter

Want the council to look again at this massive mistake which is to be built in an area where so much more could be achieved for so many more residents and visitors.
I, and many many more people would like to see a complex which will encourage visitors to this great City, somewhere for them to visit, enjoy a stage show, music concert, casino evening, ice skating rink and then go on to enjoy a meal in one of the lovely restaurants and finally sleep in one of the great city centre hotels. The area selected is not suitable for this swimming venue.

Why is this important?

This is important because it would bring many more visitors to the area..It would also mean that those of us that travel hundreds of miles to watch music and stage shows would maybe no longer need to and would be able to spend their money in locally.


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Reasons for signing

  • A theatre would bring more people to the town who would spend money than a leisure swimming pool
  • The best place for the swimming pool is the Arena. We need a theatre/ concert venue in town to attract people here.
  • It seems to me that people attending a concert or play would be likely to also use the city centre whereas those going to a swimming pool wouldn't. There is no parking attached to the present scheme - use the arena for the pool!


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