To: Joe Benton MP

Stop the privatisation of MoJ shared services

I am asking for your support on behalf of my colleagues and myself. Our workplace is the “MoJ Shared Services Centre” in Bootle, Merseyside , an area heavily dependent on the public sector for employment. Together with our colleagues in Newport, South Wales, we are facing the threat of privatisation.

We’ve seen the horror stories associated with other privatisations and we feel that the people that we serve (we provide payroll, Finance, IT, HR and other services for staff who work in the Court Service, Prison Service, Home Office etc) deserve better.

We’re facing massive uncertainty with regard to our collective future. We, our cities and our local communities can ill afford any job losses. We’re organising to keep our jobs in our town and in the public sector instead of in the hands of multi-national privateers whose only goal is to make money for shareholders, whilst ignoring the needs of workers and their families here in Bootle and Newport.

Why is this important?

This is obviously important to us. No one wants to risk being unemployed, see their job out-sourced, relocated or sent overseas. There is a very real threat that our work will be “off-shored”. But it’s important to many other people even if they don’t know it. We deal with data that is sensitive personal data belonging to Ministers, MPs, hundreds of thousands of civil servants including myself, and external clients and it should stay in the UK where our laws protect its use.

We need to show the decision makers that we want what is best for our workers, our communities and UK tax-payers - not what is best for the profits of private companies based overseas, with loyalties only to their shareholders.

Our colleagues in Newport have received considerable support from your parliamentary colleagues and we hope that we can rely on similar support from you and other Merseyside MPs.

Bootle, Merseyside, United Kingdom

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Reasons for signing

  • There has already been too much privatisation of public services. Enough is enough!
  • to save jobs
  • This petition is for a really good cause please sign if you can


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