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To: Mark Drakeford, First Minister of Wales

Protect the Gwent Levels and stop the proposed M4 motorway

We won!

The Welsh Government will not build the £1.6bn M4 relief road, First Minister Mark Drakeford has decided.

Protect the Gwent Levels and stop the proposed M4 motorway

Please drop plans to construct the M4 motorway across the beautiful Gwent Levels and invest in public transport instead.

Why is this important?

The current plans to extend the M4 motorway will put otters, rare bees and wildflowers at risk. It would cut across the 'Amazon Rainforest' of Wales, the Gwent Levels, which is a haven for wildlife.

Traffic around Newport needs to be improved but it would be better for Wales and the environment if the Welsh government invests in public transport instead.

If we want to protect the environment for future generations we need to come up with alternatives to big polluting motorways. The Assembly's own environmental regulator and advisory body, Natural Resources Wales, is against these plans.


Reasons for signing

  • Evidence shows that widening or creating new roads to combat congestion simply does not work, infact, it will get worse due to the phenomenon called induced demand. Not to even mention that it would destroy the ancient gwent levels thus eradicating the wildlife that reside there. It will also cost Welsh taxpayers over £1Billion and would be a waste of money. This amount of money can be invested into other areas to combat congestion.
  • If we have the technology to construct an entire new tube tunnel underneath London then we surely are able to widen the Newport tunnels and the rest of the M4.
  • We must protect our Welsh countryside & wildlife habitat. To extent the M4 is a big mistake because our beautiful Amazon Forest of Wales will be gone forever. Humans are very good at destroying the beauty around them....


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