To: Jeremy Hunt MP, Vicky Ford MP, Priti Patel MP, James Cleverly MP, John Whittingdale MP, Kemi Badenoch MP.

Save NHS services in Mid/South Essex

Save NHS services in Mid/South Essex

Stop the cuts to Mid/South Essex and provide more full emergency care across the county.

Why is this important?

The proposed changes will mean Basildon Hospital will become the only local 'specialist centre' for some stroke, heart and respiratory care. This means that many patients in Southend or Chelmsford will be transferred to Basildon for treatment.

Public transport links are very poor between Chelmsford and Basildon (and even worse from further north in the county), and many people will find it very difficult, or impossible, to visit relatives and friends there. But such support networks are vital to patients in recovery. Additionally, Basildon Hospital has not been able to cope in recent years, and has often been on black alert. How will it cope with the extra demand?

The STP has opened a public consultation into these proposed changes. Please sign the petition to let them know we think the planned changes compromise patient safety and recovery. There needs to be stroke, heart and respiratory care across the county - not just in Basildon.

These proposals are part of Sustainability & Transformation Plans. These are the means by which the government is delivering huge cuts to our local health services.

If you want to read more about the changes to our area you can here: file:///Users/jess/Downloads/NHS-Mid-and-South-Essex_Your-Care-in-the-Best-Place_Summary-Document.pdf


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Reasons for signing

  • when unwell you need to be able to take public transport to the nearest hospital.
  • The NHS is important and we all need to put pressure on the Government
  • If we all sit back and just moan ...then we will lose our Nhs the Goverment are not in the real world .....Does Teresa May have to sit in A and E for hours she has NO idea what its like .....This country has become A joke.. and our next generations are going to suffer because of it grrrrr


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