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To: Sir David Dalton, Chief Executive, Salford Royal Foundation Trust

Stop the slop - don't bring in ready meals for patients at Salford Royal

Stop the slop - don't  bring in ready meals for patients at Salford Royal

Please keep patient catering in-house so that Salford's patients can continue to eat fresh food made on-site, not ready meals.

Why is this important?

Salford Royal wants to close down its kitchen and get rid of the chefs that prepare food for patients freshly every day. They plan to bring in a company to provide chilled or even frozen food from elsewhere. The hospital says it needs to spend money to upgrade the kitchen but with so-called 'cook-chill' food costing more in other Greater Manchester hospitals it's clear that the refurbishment would pay for itself - without ready meals being inflicted on patients. And ready meals are less popular than freshly cooked food according to patient surveys.

Good nutrition is vital for recovery - with a fully working kitchen onsite the Royal can respond to its patients' needs. But once the kitchen is closed down it could be gone for good.

Keep the Royal cooking!


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Reasons for signing

  • its disgusting that hey are even thinking of this.
  • Patients need good nutritious food and what about those on special diets,
  • To stop patients being made poor quality food,and doing even more people out of jobs in greater manchester


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