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To: The Department of Work and Pensions and their private companies eg ATOS

Stop The Welfare Reform Death Scandal!

Stop The Welfare Reform Death Scandal!

The flawed Work Capability Assessment is causing 32 unnecessary deaths a week by forcing the long term sick and disabled into work or work-related activity. It is also causing untold misery and fear for the country's most vulnerable. We call for its cessation now and to be replaced by a more holistic and humane system.

Why is this important?

We want justice for all those who've died as a result of harsh Welfare Reforms and who are listed on Calum's List and Peter's List, each with their own heart-breaking story. Human beings who had disabling and life-threatening conditions and had to live their last days or weeks in fear and harassment of having their entitlements withdrawn. Yes, entitlements, because every human being in a civilized society is entitled to financial security and having their needs met.

Calum's list:

Peter's List:

Reasons for signing

  • Because I have gone through my own second Work Capability Assessment and everyone in the waiting room was close to tears. It was like waiting to go inside a Nazi gas chamber. One lady couldn't fit in the tiny and hard waiting room chair and was sobbing with pain and humiliation as she had to wait one and a half hours in a communal waiting room to be seen. It was like animals waiting for the slaughter. An absolute disgrace and probably the lowest point our country has ever witnessed.
  • It’s bad enough not being able to live but merely exist,however it appears that perhaps now some of us no longer have the right or fight to even exist!!
  • I could write a book on this...every battle emotion rejection..I really don't know where I'd start. But being sacked from the government as I worked for them as being bed bound then years of refusal of benefits was so surreal when I had a tribunal with the people who sacked's the emotions that are do dangerous. I hate computers but saw this and I just sorry just well...I hear them it's just heart breaking xxxxxxx


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