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Stop 'University Wipeout', Host 'The Children's Trust Wipeout' Instead

Stop 'University Wipeout', Host 'The Children's Trust Wipeout' Instead

Stop the 'University Wipeout' event happening in Cardiff or otherwise disassociate from it, instead hold your own Wipeout-themed event 'The Children's Trust Wipeout'.

Why is this important?

If you're a student, you may have signed up for Ticket Pre-Registration to University Wipeout. Unfortunately this is part of a nationwide data collection scam, which is believed to have been created by events company Electric Ents:

This video explains all the facts:

What Is University Wipeout?

A series of Facebook events that have sprung up across Facebook in recent weeks, with the intention of hosting Total Wipeout themed events at UK Universities. These events received a huge positive reaction from fans of the show hoping to attend. However, the names of most of the events have now changed to Freshers' 2015 Groups with all mention of Wipeout removed.

So What's Going On?

There is evidence to suggest that these events are part of a wider network of Facebook pages designed to collect personal details from thousands of students without ever delivering what they promise. This includes the 'Bring Radio 1 Big Weekend To Your City' page which Radio 1 reported to be a scam and 'No More Student Tuition Fees'. Sign-up links used on both of these Facebook pages can be traced to the same bitly account.

Bitly Account - Source of Promotional Sign Up Links

Radio 1 Big Weekend 'Scam'

If you have fallen victim to any of these scams you should report it to the Information Commissioner's Office, you can tweet them @ICOnews.

Why Not Just Petition Electric Ents?

The damage has already been done. We can report the organisation to Facebook with the hope that the pages will be removed. Find out how to do this here:
They shouldn't get away with misleading thousands of students in the way they have. To be clear, anger is being directed at them and not at Cardiff University.

So What Should We Do About It?

Why not try to create a positive out of a negative? Let's try to harness everyone's enthusiasm about these events for a good cause. That's why this exists as a proposal to Cardiff University that this event should go ahead in support of The Children's Trust.

Why this charity? Total Wipeout presenter Richard Hammond has a personal link to The Children's Trust and became its Vice-President after his brain injury on Top Gear. They are a fantastic cause changing the lives of children with brain injuries.

You can sign even if you aren't a Cardiff student to show your support, but you can also try to start a Children's Trust Wipeout event at your own uni by working with your local student union and RAG group.

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Why Do I Need To Support This?

If 'University Wipeout' are misleading students across the UK, we don't think they should be running this event. It ruins the trust people have in club promoters and companies across the country who work in an honest and transparent way. Sign the petition to help turn the tide and create positive change out of this sorry situation.


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