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We the under signed call on West Dorset District Council to recognise the widespread opposition to the construction of 760+ houses at Vearse Farm, Symondsbury,Bridport and to remove the proposal from the Local Plan.

Why is this important?

ADVEARSE was founded in 2013 to raise awareness of the plan to construct 760 houses at Vearse Farm Bridport. We believe that West Dorset District Council has failed to inform local people sufficiently about the scheme and therefore the public consultation was flawed.
Our main objections to the scheme are
• Scale – The scheme is not in keeping with the character of this small market town.
• Flooding- The scheme will dramatically increase the risk of serious flooding in Bridport and West Bay. In periods of heavy rain and high tides the water cannot get out to sea fast enough and we have already seen flooding episodes.
• Traffic- as a holiday route the A35 already presents a track record of delays and accidents whilst in the summer Bridport parking is a nightmare.
• Set in an area of outstanding natural beauty and containing some high grade farm land Vearse Farm is a highly visible gateway to the Jurassic coast. It is the sort of area that Government ministers have said should not be developed.
• On past experience the houses will be snapped up by incomers. There will be few affordable and little benefits to the housing list.
• Dorchester has recently had a major shopping development which would benefit from an increase in population there. This town has the medical, shopping and educational facilities to cope with a major housing development.
We are not against organic growth in the town. In particular we favour the building of affordable housing. We represent the massive opposition in the town to the development. Local councils have failed to recognise the strength of this opposition and we have been asked to launch this petition.

Bridport, Dorset

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Reasons for signing

  • Although I live in Yorkshire, I have enjoyed many holidays in Dorset. To build such a large housing development on this land saddens me. I fully support the efforts of local residents to stop this development.
  • The conservation protection awarded by the West Dorset ANOB should be respected. This proposal represents the biggest development ever in a designated AONB - AONBs are in place to prevent the desecration of important countryside. If this development is allowed to proceed it sets a precedent that is ok to build at scale on protected ANOBs, AGLVs and National Parks, rendering these important designations irrelevant in the future. This countryside is protected for a reason.
  • A completely unsuitable site within an AONB for such a massive development, back to the drawing board west Dorset planners!!


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