To: Wiltshire Council

Permit free bus pass use before 09.30

Allow the elderly and people with disabilities to use their free public transport passes before 09.30am

Why is this important?

Wiltshire Council have a logo that states: 'Where Everybody Matters'. Clearly this is not the case if you're elderly, disabled or have a disability and qualify for a bus pass to enable you to maintain your independence.

Our son has Aspergers as well as other complex issues and he has been able to maintain a work placement with the use of a bus pass that has a carer's entitlement on it. Now he will find it difficult to attend his work placement as he has to be there before 09.00 am and also to except these changes.

It has taken us two years of hard work to get him this far and also to obtain this very important life line to maintain his independence and enable him to feel part of the community. Now he will have to pay for the bus and also any carers that go with him as he qualified for a bus pass under

the councils guidelines for obtaining one now their putting further restrictions on his travel and his independence. We have elderly men and women who served in the forces during the war to defend this country and this is how Wiltshire Council treats them.

DISCRIMINATION is a powerful word and this is what Wiltshire Council are doing to a large section of the community in Wiltshire that are dependent on these bus passes to maintain there Independence and also to be less dependent on Social Services or the Health Authority.


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Reasons for signing

  • There should be a small fee if there are very few spaces left before 9.30am, near rush hour for users of off-peak passes, sound like your son is a rare case of a genuine need of a pass that includes morning peak time (as one would for a work placement), then, in time as one earns, one should contribute (even a little) to transport.


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