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To: Supermarket bosses Dave Lewis (Tesco), Mike Coupe (sainsbury's), David Potts (Morrisons), Sean Clarke (Asda), Steve Rowe (M&S), Rob Collins (Waitrose), Giles Hurley (Aldi), Steve Murrells (Co-op), Christian Härtnagel (Lidl)

Supermarkets, do more to help us help the planet and our health

Supermarkets, do more to help us help the planet and our health

Reduce single use plastic
Offer a refill service
Provide biodegradable bags for fruit and vegetables
Stop plastic packaging for fruit and vegetables
Encourage manufacturers to stop using palm oil
Offer nutritional advice to help people make good food choices
Give ideas to inspire people into healthy snacking
Reduce the shelf space dedicated to junk food
Use unsold food to feed the hungry

Why is this important?

I was almost brought to tears standing in an aisle, confronted with the hopelessness of trying to minimise my effect on the planet and find healthy sustenance.

Almost everything is wrapped in plastic, almost everything contains palm oil.

Who peels an orange and then puts it in a plastic box!? Who takes a banana places it in a polystyrene container and wraps it in cellophane? It is insane.

The items on the shelves are poised to be consumed and their wrappings, in that process become the rubbish of tomorrow. Less than half of the packaging will be recycled almost 10 million tonnes of plastic globally ends up in the oceans every year, if only some of these disposable items were biodegradable we would be feeding the planet not poisoning it.

As individuals we have limited effect, good or bad on the environment but the supermarkets have the power to educate and influence for the better the habits of the entire nation. With this responsibility they should make it easier for us to be environmentally conscious, not harder. for example; If it is "not currently recyclable" why isnt it and why are you using it as packaging? use cellulose.

We saw the benefit of the plastic bag charge, this change in inevitable so don't wait for the law to change start making more improvements now.

Regarding the food; I sense there is a problem with the eating habits of the nation as almost every time i get to the checkout I am complimented on the healthy contents of my trolley, "I just bought food" I usually say, although "much of the stuff you sell isn't food" I sometimes mutter.

Choice is good but an uneducated choice is no choice at all, do people realise that what they eat has the power to make them well or make them ill? Sugary, salty, crisps, biscuits, sweets and fizzy drinks should be a treat not a diet plan and judging from some of the waistlines and shopping baskets the latter is true in many cases. Over 60% of the population is obese and too many of the shelves are dedicated to stuff that has no nutritional value.

The education system has failed to teach us nutrition, as the suppliers of nourishment to the nation the supermarkets should have a duty to ensure we are eating well. The opportunity to inspire healthy snacking is being missed, think of the benefit to the NHS if everyone ate healthily (a reduction in obesity, heart disease, diabetes, maybe even cancer too!)

I see hungry homeless people on the street and I see, at the end of the day food being collected into bags to be thrown away. This is wrong; the waste created by providing food for people who can afford it could feed those who cannot.

Providing food has an environmental effect, the negativity of which should be minimalised, palm oil as an ingredient is so damaging, the supermarkets could have an effect on manufactures use of such products if we ask them to.

Supermarkets are complicit in perpetuating both the wastefulness of society and in the poisoning of the nation by junk food manufacturers. They need to step up their game and do more to serve the consumer and protect the planet. I know they will say they are doing much already for which we are grateful, but we want more much much more!!

If you agree please help me to ask them to address these issues by signing this petition

Many Thanks

Reasons for signing

  • I'd also add they should remove unnecessary packaging. I now remove excess packaging before I leave the shop, it's their responsibility.
  • So much food waste in what is supposed to be a period of austerity?! Come on shops - you can do so much more for the communities you serve.
  • they steal our money, so give a little back


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