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To: UK Supermarkets: Asda, Tesco, Morrison's, Waitrose

Supermarkets: Shut your fridge doors!

Put doors on your fridges to cut down on unnecessary energy use

Why is this important?

Fridges in our supermarkets use up 1% of all electricity in the UK. Most shops use open fridges, which use far more energy to stay cool than alternatives with doors. At a time when the planet faces a climate crisis that 1% - enough to power 800,000 thousand houses in the UK a year - is too high.

But there's a simple fix - just putting doors on all supermarket fridges and freezers would would save as much energy yearly as is used by the entire residential population of Poland.

In France, supermarkets have signed up to a voluntary agreement to put doors on three-quarters of their 450 miles of fridge aisles by 2020 - so its time for UK supermarkets to follow suit.

If thousands of customers sign a petition against the open fridges as well as let them know that they would be happy to *open a door* to help save the planet, they could be forced to listen and start using fridges and freezers with doors.

The Telegraph: Supermarkets told to shut the door as it emerges open fridges use one per cent of Britain's electricity:


Reasons for signing

  • To save our planet for our children.
  • I won't shop at supermarkets with open fridges
  • Because it makes sense. But the root cause of these problems is the over population of the world, so all the moves we make will not stop this in its tracks, because the one thing that is not sustainable is population rise.


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