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To: Coventry City Council & Roxhill Developments Limited

Support A Future For The Electric Railway Museum.

This campaign has ended.

Support A Future For The Electric Railway Museum.

We the undersigned, call on both Coventry City Council and Roxhill Developments Ltd to work with the Electric Railway Museum to find a permanent solution for this country's most comprehensive collection of historic electric railway items.

Why is this important?

The redevelopment of the land currently occupied by the Electric Railway Museum will leave that organisation without a permanent home and the unique collection risks being dispersed to multiple locations and thus the local area will lose a valuable heritage and tourist facility whilst the nation will loose an unique collection representative of its railway heritage. We believe by working with the museum to provide an alternative site with secure tenure that this would help boost the local tourism economy and would add to the heritage offer in regards to the City of Culture Bid.

The Electric Railway Museum, Rowley Road, Baginton CV3 4FR

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