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To: Calderdale Planning Department

Support Aarons Campsite

Support Aarons Campsite

Stop making false allegations.
Stop their unjustified harassment.
Follow government legislation and support this valuable asset to Calderdale tourism.

Why is this important?

Towns people desperately need the opportunity to break away from their concrete jungles. Aarons Campsite provides a low cost, eco-friendly, welcome escape.
In the past 5 years this peaceful, back to basics campsite has attracted visitors from around the World. It has been a life long dream of the owner and his late parents on this family farm to welcome visitors to this rather unique diversified Hill Farm and Nature Reserve. Besides everything else, this is a small family business and livelihood.

Cragg Vale, Hebden Bridge

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Reasons for signing

  • Used as a filming location for a few days, it was great fun and great views, the guy that owns this is too class.
  • Absolutely perfect campsite! This is our first time here and is perfect for exploring what Calderdale had to offer!
  • my group of friends have just spent some quality time together at this wonderful camp site. no stress, no trouble no cross words just precious moments with friends we don't see enough of. during this time we spent money in calderdale's pubs, petrol stations shops and cafes - money that small businesses can ill afford to turn away. to calderdale council, don't underestimate the spend and value of tourists by making them go elsewhere, it is foolish in the extreme


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