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To: Members of the Scottish Parliament

Assisted Suicide (Scotland) Bill

Update 27/5/15: MSPs have rejected the Assisted Suicide Scotland Bill by 82 votes to 36 following a debate at Holyrood.

The bill would have allowed those with terminal illnesses to seek the help of a doctor to end their own life. Read more here:

Assisted Suicide (Scotland) Bill

I am writing to ask you to support the Assisted Suicide (Scotland) Bill when it is considered by the Scottish Parliament.

I believe that individuals should be able to choose to have assistance to end their own life by suicide if they are suffering from a terminal or life-shortening condition. This view is supported by 69% of people in Scotland according to a recent independent poll commissioned by the “My Life, My Death, My Choice” campaign.

The Bill provides strong safeguards to ensure that vulnerable individuals cannot be coerced in any way to take action and ensures that Doctors who object to the process cannot be forced to be involved. I believe this approach balances the desire of some to be given the option to have assistance to die by suicide whilst respecting the wishes and beliefs of those who may disagree.

Why is this important?

Imagine you were suffering a terminal or severely life-shortening condition. Wouldn't you want to talk openly and honestly about your situation with your doctor? Wouldn't you want the choice to be able to end your own life? Wouldn't you at least want to know more and be in charge? You might choose to act or you might not, but the decision should be up to you.

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Reasons for signing

  • I signed becuase I care about people and don't wish to see them suffer many people live in pain an darkness so allowing them to die at there choice is a great service . We don't have a duty to live we given the choice
  • We have a more humane & compassionate attitude to our pets than to our loved ones ???
  • Because it is inhuman to let people carry on living if they have no life left to live. Dogs aren't aloud to suffer so why should humans be.


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