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To: Trafford Council

Support Manor Farm Dog & Sports Complex

Support Manor Farm Dog & Sports Complex

Please allow our innovative concept to bring life back to a forgotten site that is and has been much loved by the surrounding community for years. Our combined services or dog care, sports, family recreation and exercise offers massive support for mental health, physical wellbeing and the long lost jeed for community spirit.

Why is this important?

For over 6 years now we as a family have taken pride in caring for the Manor Farm 22 acre site. When we moved in it was heading into ruins with vandalism and lack of care. My family and I were welcomed by the local residents and community and we felt obligated to do what we can to make this site enjoyable to all. In doing so we have been pleased to offer our dog day care and dog homeboarding service since 2014 along side all of the other benefits to the site. Many of you may have heard of our dog cafe that opened 3 years ago in Wythenshawe called "The Beach Dog Cafe". We have now moved our cafe to this muched loved site. In order to do this planning permission is required. And since our overall concept is unique some of our other services are being reviewed.

So we need your help. 

We know our ambitions are big for our Manor Farm site and the service we offer and we are looking for support to help bolster our application. Our 22 acre site will be more than a café and day care, it will be a focal point for the community - combining sports, outdoor recreation, a dog café, as well as a rewarding dog day care and dog home boarding service. 

And if that wasn’t enough, we will have indoor space for small gatherings, exercise and fitness, as well as workshops and space for community organisations.

 The Manor Farm site located in Timperley has lacked a  purpose for many years now but we feel combining these interests will offer fun, exercise, mental wellbeing along with community spirit for all to enjoy. 

 Please support us by signing our petition to grant planning permission to open our doors.

Many thanks
From Tony, Tania & all of our staff

Timperley, Altrincham WA15 7HE, UK

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Here is a video to show what we are all about.

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