To: Cotswold District Council

Support Sports Facilities in Tetbury

Support Sports Facilities in Tetbury

We want Cotswold District Council to support sports facilities in Tetbury, and not to hand them over to bodies who will not be able to afford to develop the facilities.

More specifically, we want Cotswold District Council to re-consider it's proposals to hand the Leisure Centre over to Sir William Romney. The Leisure Centre is a loss making body, as it is being operated as a public service - how then can this burden be placed on the school? Presumably the school will have to, at a minimum, break even from the centre - will this take place through slashes to services or drastic price increases?

Secondly, the facilities are in desperate need or updating and significant renovation. There has for a long time been talk of the potential redevelopment of the centre to include such facilities as a swimming pool, squash courts and so forth, akin to the redevelopments in Cirencester or Malmesbury. The facilities in Tetbury need significant financial investment, which one cannot imagine would occur were the school to take over.

Therefore we propose that the hand over to the school is unacceptable, and that ideally the Council should hold onto the site and commit to a proper investment in the facilities to offer a decent public service. If a take over is deemed essential, however, an organisation that has the funds to redevelop the site should be the preferred option!

It would be a disgrace, so soon after the Olympics, to allow a deal to go ahead which would go against all the legacy credentials the games were supposed to hold.

Why is this important?

I hope you will support this cause as a matter of urgency considering the time-scales involved!

Tetbury, United Kingdom

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