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To: The Government

Support the 1950s Women

Support the 1950s Women

We want the Government to admit the failings behind both the 1995, 2011 and 2016 Pensions Acts, and make proper restitution to all the women involved.

The decision to let media inform us of the changes in the 1995 Act has had serious consequences for many thousands of women. This was compounded by ignoring the research done which highlighted the lack of awareness amongst women. It was 2009 before any direct mailing took place and then to only a few women as it was stopped to impose the further changes and accelerate the timescales.

Why is this important?

3.8 million women have been caught up in government efforts to cut the costs of paying for the state pension and to equalise the age at which men and women receive the state pension.
We are your moms, grans, wives, sisters, aunts and friends and never ever thought we would be protesting in our 60s following what many term the ‘Great State Pension Robbery’. I start this petition in support of all the campaigning pensions group who all want justice.


Reasons for signing

  • Because many of us have failing health and no income if we can’t work. Many have had to sell their houses to survive
  • I kept to my contract and paid all those NIC, National insurance contributions, based on what I earned. not that I actually had a choice, they we taken at source on the understanding that I would recieive my pension when I reached 60 years of age. I paid in You pay out.
  • I am self employed, took out a lease on the building we run our business from to end just after my husband's 65th birthday and my 63rd, thinking we would have our pensions to live off, now we will have nothing and cannot claim any benefits at all because we are self employed


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