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To: Oxford City Council and Oxfordshire County Council

Keep Florence Park Children's Centre open-access and community-owned

23/09/17 - We won the campaign

At Oxfordshire County Council’s Cabinet meeting yesterday, the Cabinet approved the Aspire community bid to take over the former children's centre building in Florence Park and turn into a community-led hub. This will enable the building to remain in public hands, and open-access to the wider community.

Twelve people from across the local area spoke at the meeting, and their points were made strongly and clearly. The cabinet said that the Aspire bid demonstrated the strong community buy-in and support, which was crucial for the future success of any proposal. The months of work by many people won the day.

Although this must be disappointing for Aflah Nursery, we are delighted they have been promised Oxfordshire County Council’s support to find new premises, and the offer to resubmit a proposal for transition funding for open access services.

So a very big THANK YOU to everyone who shared this vision for a community space in our beautiful park. Work is already beginning on the next phase of this very exciting project!

Best wishes,

Candida March

Keep Florence Park Children's Centre open-access and community-owned

We urge you, the City and County Council, to work together to keep Florence Park Children's Centre as a community asset and open to all.

Why is this important?

Florence Park Children's Centre is a much loved local resource for children and families in our beautiful local park. It is currently standing empty. We ask you to support the local initiative for The Oasis – a not-for-profit plan which includes a nature-orientated childcare nursery, healthy café and drop in space, that is managed by local people. The vision is for 'A place where people can meet, work, eat, create, and play with nature in mind and wellbeing at heart'. This initiative will ensure that all profit from the Centre is ploughed back into the community.


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Reasons for signing

  • Keep the Children's centre for the local community to use.
  • This is a great facility for the local community and should be put to use again.
  • I received incredible support in the early days of my maternity there! Was a life saver for me!


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