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To: Penny Mordaunt MP, Fire Services Minister

Support Your Firefighters

Support Your Firefighters

Dear Minister,

Please reconsider the unfair, unworkable and unaffordable pension changes currently being imposed on the Fire Service

Why is this important?

The government is threatening to change firefighters’ pension schemes, meaning all members will pay more, work longer and still get less.

Pay more
Before 2010, firefighters already contributed one of the highest proportions of their salary towards their pensions (11%), and in April this year it increased for the third year running.

Firefighters typically now pay over £4,000 a year from a £29,000 salary, and the government has announced they will impose another increase in 2015.

Work longer
Firefighters will be expected to work until they are 60 however the government’s own report by Dr Tony Williams, published in December 2013, recognises that two thirds (66%) will not meet the current fitness standard.

Firefighters, who are forced to retire at 55 due to a natural decline in fitness, could lose up to half of their pension or face the sack.

Get less
Firefighters will only receive the full pension they signed up for if they work for 40 years in the service which given current retirement and fitness rates is unlikely for the majority of firefighters.

Reasons for signing

  • They are an integral part of society and in the face of danger are there to be brave, we cannot and must not be without them, and they should be rewarded properly.
  • I want to see vital public services protected
  • Because the proposals are unsafe, unworkable and unfair! Solutions have been found in NI, Scotland & Wales - all at no extra cost - only Westminster Tories are failing to listen and willing to LIE in Parliament to push the proposals through! The Fire Minister is a disgrace of an MP.


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