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To: Surrey Heath Borough Council

Surrey Heath Borough Council's CEO's pay increase of 37% to £197,000

On 5th September, in front of a large contingent of residents, 33 councillors unanimously backed a cross party motion to appoint an external investigator to look into the pay increase of £53,000 (37%) to Surrey Heath Borough Council Chief Executive Karen Whelan taking her salary to £197,000 for the year ended 31st March 2019.

The petition which asked for an independent external investigation into how this pay rise was authorised was signed by 1476 Surrey Heath residents and together with social media, press and TV, led to an Extraordinary Meeting of the Full Council at which the petition demands were met.

a) pay increase to be withdrawn pending further investigation;
b) the Full Council to properly determine the CEO's pay in line with the Council’s policy;
c) an independent external investigation into how this pay rise was authorised;
d) recovery of any over-payment.

Why is this important?

There are serious question marks around the procedural, ethical and constitutional aspects of the recent pay rise given to the Chief Executive Officer. These need to be investigated urgently, action taken and the public kept informed.
The pay increase seems excessive and the council should determine a fairer settlement in line with the Council’s approved Pay Policy and the current economic climate.

The Borough of Surrey Heath

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