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To: Bristol City Council

Suspend Bristol street trading charges during Covid

Suspend Bristol street trading charges during Covid

Where paid for parking bays in Bristol's 'high street' locations have been suspended as a result of Covid and public health measures during the Covid crisis, local businesses should be allowed to use these bays appropriately for tables and chairs and street trading - without charge - until at least September 2021.

Paula O'Rourke
Christine Townsend
Jerome Thomas

Why is this important?

Bristol City Council is charging local businesses a minimum of £7,000 a year to put tables and chairs in parking bays on streets where parking bays have been suspended. At a time when local cafes and restaurants are trying to reopen their businesses and survive, the council should be showing support for our businesses and helping bring life to our streets.

How it will be delivered

We will submit this petition to Bristol's Mayor and Councillors in September 2020.

Bristol, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • Downtown Clifton Village would be well served with permanent road closures - the increased business in the area would far outweigh the revenue from the parking spaces (people will park anyway, just a little father away)
  • It is almost unbelievable that BCC could consider this proposal at this time. All our 'High Streets' and are currently trying to re-establish themselves having been locked down for 12 Weeks or more. Businesses who are currently are using these bays, do so, because it is a case of survival as, more often than not, they simply can't trade without the external facility until regs are relaxed and people feel confident which time, a charge would seem appropriate but definitely not now!
  • Local businesses should be commended and supported for their efforts to diversify and find ways of keeping going. Some shops in Clifton have already closed permanently. Does the Council intend to drive others to do the same.


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