To: The President and Fellows of Wolfson College, Cambridge

Suspend decision to close Wolfson's OCR to students

Suspend decision to close Wolfson's OCR to students

Wolfson's Governing Body has just voted in favour of restricting our OCR to fellows-only for a 1 year trial. This was decided upon without consideration of the multifarious uses that students make of it every day. This decision must be suspended and other options discussed in consultation with students.

Why is this important?

The OCR is a resource and a source of college pride for everyone to enjoy. The very first six students dined here with the founding fellows in 1965, and we have shared it ever since.

The college want to promote fellow-student interaction, whilst creating a fellow's only room. This runs counter to this aim, and the egalitarian nature of Wolfson.

This summer the Club Room will be majorly refurbished. The one year trial of a fellows-only OCR should be suspended or scrapped until the fellow's have trialled the refurbished Club Room for one year.

How it will be delivered

Signatures will be delivered along with the attached letter (see link below) to the President of Wolfson College, Professor Jane Clarke.

Wolfson College, Cambridge

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