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To: Sutton's Tankers Limited

Sutton's Tanker Drivers Dispute

09/02/18 We won! The dispute was settled

Sutton's Tanker Drivers Dispute

Tanker Drivers employed by Sutton's Tankers Limited on the Nynas Bitumen contract at Eastham in Cheshire were given proposals by their management on 18th December 2017 Accept redundancy and sign a compromise agreement of face being dismissed on 19th January 2018. As part of the company proposals the drivers were offered a new contract of employment on inferior contracts of employment with pay rates being slashed by between 32% & 40% with other elements of their terms & conditions being wiped away.

As a result of these proposals, members were balloted for industrial action which resulted in a 97% turnout which delivered a mandate of 100% in favour of an all out strike.

In recent talks the company have maintained their position in relation to the proposals and will not engage in meaningful negotiations which the union say are vital if we are to find a way forward.

Please take the time to sign our petition calling on the management of Sutton's to take these proposals off the table and negotiate with the union in order to find a resolution to the current trade dispute, you can also email the Sutton's Tankers Managing Director

Sutton's Tankers sales turnover in 2015 was at £33 Million and increased in 2016 to a staggering £71 Million an increase of 115.1%

This then raises the question, Why are these proposed cuts in driver pay rates so necessary?

Why is this important?

The terms and conditions together with rates of pay for these employee's have been fought for over many many decades and this employer simply want's to remove them entirely and the workers are not prepared to give these up without a fight.


Reasons for signing

  • The way these drivers are being treated will come to lots of others if this firm are allowed to get away with this .proposal. Please sign and share.
  • The short sightedness of senior management at Sutton’s is nothing short of incompetence? When they have inferior pay and then start trying to employ inferior drivers is there any lower to go as a company , when you start hiring mercenaries “roger parr” you have already employed the scum element of society but I suppose the Ferrari makes it ok to treat people this way.
  • Stay strong fellas In Solidarity Tim B


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