To: British Government and legal profession.

Swearing an oath should be secular.

The swearing of an oath in legal proceedings should be an affirmation. It should be presumed that the individual is content with this but who also has an option to choose a religious oath. At present it is the opposite and therefore, does not acknowledge the fact that the majority of the UK population are not religious.

Why is this important?

British society and its legal proceedings should be secular and not alienate.
I recently attended a swearing of probate and was handed a bible before being asked to repeat the words of the lawyer. When I asked the lawyer that I wanted to swear an affirmation, I was made to feel awkward. The lawyer claimed this was the first time such a request had been made. It is clear that many of us merely accept a christian oath as the accepted format, and by doing so perpetuate a procedure that no longer represents our society.