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To: All Labour MPs

Switch your nominations to Jeremy Corbyn

Switch your nominations to Jeremy Corbyn

Where MPs first preference has sufficient nominations for the leadership elections, we ask that for the sake of party democracy they change their preference to Jeremy Corbyn.

Why is this important?

This is important for Party democracy and will widen the field allowing a more genuine debate. It will also allow for the views of ordinary members to be represented.


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Reasons for signing

  • I believe in the integrity, honesty and sincerity of Jeremy above all the other candidates. He's the only one with altruistic principles. Besides He has more humanity in his toe-nail cuttings than the rest put together.
  • I have voted for a man of principle and wisdom (rare attributes amongst the Labour Party contenders). A man who is challenging the consumerist, US centric, anti-intellectual attitudes which seems to be gaining ground in our society. Good Luck!
  • I believe Jeremy Corbyn is what the Labour party needs to survive. We need a true party of the left in opposition to challenge the Tory cuts and Tory narrative against the welfare state.


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