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To: The Labour Party

Take the strongest possible action against Ian Austin MP

Take the strongest possible action against Ian Austin MP

We the undersigned wish to express how appalled we were by the behaviour of Ian Austin, MP for Dudley North during the statements concerning the Chilcot Report in the House of Commons on 6th July 2016

We call on you to take the strongest disciplinary action possible against Ian Austin for his shameful behaviour that has brought the dignity of Parliament and the standing of the nation into such disrepute.

Why is this important?

We were witnessing an important, serious and extremely sombre moment in our nation's history. A time when we are being asked to cast our eyes back on decisions that have led to loss of life, loss of limb and loss of family both here and in Iraq.

In addition to the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis killed, 179 British service personnel and 23 British civilians lost their lives as a result of the conflict this country entered into in 2003.

The Chilcot Report was commissioned so that we could responsibly, maturely and with gravity look back and reflect on those events and to draw lessons for the future.

The families of British servicemen and civilians killed in Iraq have awaited this day for answers, so that perhaps they may find some closure and to allow their grief to finally end.

And in that forum, at a time when respect for the dead was of the utmost importance, Ian Austin felt it appropriate to act like a schoolyard bully and to attempt to shout down the moving statement made by the Leader of the Labour Party.

The utter disrespect that Ian Austin has shown towards Parliament, but much more importantly the bereaved, is quite frankly disgusting.

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Reasons for signing

  • I'm blocked by Ian Austin, but just take a look at his timeline. He regularly insults the left wing within the Labour party, such as Diane Abbott and even the leader Jeremy Corbyn. He also heckled Corbyn during the Chilcot debate and made a joke about Ken and Hitler. This is unacceptable behaviour for an MP and I am surprised that Jeremy has taken NO ACTION WHATSOEVER against this unhinged member of parliament. He is a complete and utter disgrace.
  • The man is only in it for the money. He does not care for the residents of where he represents and votes for austerity for the poorest while claiming thousands of pounds on expenses.
  • It is only since the lection of Corbyn as Labour leader that I realised how right wing Labour MPs like Ian Austin are. I feel conned by the concept of liberal interventionism using military force which just turns out to be just as principled as gunboat diplomacy. The neo-cons really a menace.


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