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To: The former owners of Brassica

Brassica - Pay Us What We're Due

WE WON! 02/10/19

We thought we'd let you know that after 11 months of fighting, our members at the Brassica restaurant in Dundee have finally won their court case against their former employer.

Judge Kemp held that there had been a "complete failure" on the part of Tayone Food Limited to consult staff about possible dismissal in adherence with Section 188 of the Trade Union Labour (Consolidation) Act. The judge awarded 90 days compensation to every one of our members - the maximum award available.

Almost a year after these workers lost their jobs, they have been vindicated because they joined a union and fought back, collectively.

To the people of Dundee, thanks for your support and solidarity.

P.S If you want to help transform the hospitality industry, please join us!

Brassica - Pay Us What We're Due

To pay all former staff £28,721 in unpaid wages and £9200 in lost tips

Why is this important?

We are former employees of Tayone Food Ltd. at the Brassica restaurant in Dundee. On 4th October we all lost our jobs when the company went into liquidation due to fraud by one of the Directors. By the time we were made redundant, we were already owed 6 weeks wages. We are currently owed £28,721 in wages, holiday pay and notice.

One of the Directors admitted that she used £1200 of our hard-earned tips to pay for stock for the restaurant. A further £8000 in card tips is still missing.

One of the former Directors has now taken over Tayone Food Ltd and is planning to open a new restaurant Brasserie Ecosse on the same premises with new staff. Despite repeated requests and meetings he is refusing to pay staff the money they are owed by the company he used to own.

Help us get what we are owed by signing and sharing this petition.

The Courier: Workers protest outside Brassica after director tells them he has ‘no legal obligation’ to cover money owed to staff:


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Reasons for signing

  • Because I am obese fat and ugly and I still work here
  • Because of a fat bastard
  • Absolutely disgusted former director can simply change the name of the restaurant and carry on business as usual without fulfilling his moral duties of paying, in full, outstanding wages to all employees. Perhaps a boycott of his restaurant by all Dundonians when it re-opens would change his mind about what would be the RIGHT thing to do!


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itison Dundee are selling 50% off vouchers for Brasserie Ecosse. Let the company know what you think about this by contacting them directly:

Head office - 0141 223 8843

2019-01-19 12:44:46 +0000

On Thursday the licensing board voted to award the former owner of Brassica a license to sell alcohol at his new restaurant on Shore Terrace - the exact same premises where we used to work. We are still owed over £10k in unpaid wages, holiday pay and tips. The problem is that the licensee (our former employer) doesn't have a viable lease to occupy the venue. He is currently squatting without permission from the council. We will soon be sending all supporters a template letter to send to the Council. In the meantime please check out our campaign page:

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