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To: Theresa May, Home Secretary

Theresa May, don't force my baby's mother to leave the UK.

Theresa May, don't force my baby's mother to leave the UK.

Please Please Please, look into the unfairness of these new immigration laws that unfairly discriminate against British citizens.

My partner and I have lived together for almost 5 years, we own our house outright (no mortgage). We have a beautiful baby boy together (born here in the U.K), I work full time and pay taxes.

Yet we have been refused leave to remain for my partner, we have also lost our first appeal, now we are preparing yet another appeal (with again more costs). My partner is breast feeding our baby & our baby needs his Mother. If she is deported I will have to stop work and claim benefits as I could not possibly hold a full time job and be sole carer of our child.

How do I explain to my child later in life that he has no mother, shall I tell him that THERESA MAY decided he doesn't deserve one, or should I tell him its because I am British and therefore banned from being in love with a foreigner.

Why is this important?

Please could people help by signing this petition to allow my babies mother to stay with us here in the U.K

My partner is from China, I met her in the UAE where we both worked, we have lived together for almost 5 years. We own our house here in the U.K, (no mortgage or loan). I work hard and pay tax.

I am a British citizen with a traceable family history in the U.K that goes back quite a few hundred years that we can prove. My son was born here in the U.K, so he is also British. Should his mother be deported to China, I will be forced to quit work to raise him on benefits.

He is being breast fed as advised by British medical professionals, this will not be possible if his mother is deported. My son has 2 loving parents, a safe and secure home, and great family support. We are at the edge of despair that my partner will get a knock on the door any day and be arrested and deported.

I, as a British citizen should be allowed to love whom i choose, the U.K goverment in effect is saying i may only love a British person, or that i may love my baby's mother but only if we sell up and clear off, or have a internet relationship from opposite sides of the globe. My son needs his mother, not just for now but throughout his life he will need her.

How in this day and age can the government force families to break up that are functional and self financed? We are in a better financial position than most in the UK having fully purchased our home, the NHS care my partner recieved during her pregnancy we had to pay for.

We pay every tax - income, council, car, etc - we just want to live a quiet family life and bring up our son in a loving and caring environment.

Please help us by signing our petition, (we need 15,000 signatures to submit this) my son needs YOUR help, WE need YOUR help.

Reasons for signing

  • My husband is also from on a visa
  • If you are angry at Thersea May, please sign the petitions for her to resign. Take your story to the newspapers too. I didn't know she was doing things like this. More people need to be aware of all the horrible things that are happening with her in power.
  • The system is unfair


2014-07-30 17:06:58 +0100

29/07/2014 case was not heard,
no papers were allowed to be submitted as the judge today decided prior to our arrival that a previous judge from the first case didn't document his findings correctly or include complete arguments as presented when making his determination
we now have to start from the beginning again, unbelievably we have to go back to the first tier and submit a new case for yilei to remain in the UK, which shall be heard under the new rules changed yesterday 28/07/2014
am lost for words still, 18 months, 3 decisions, 2 appeals, thousands of pounds, and we were only asked to confirm our name today and accept his findings without any chance of putting a case forward, a new case under amended rules that changed yesterday for gods sake,
worse still as we are starting again at tier one the judge has deemed that it should count as our first appeal rather than the 4th, therefore even if we win again at tier one they have 3 chances again to appeal

2013-11-17 07:13:29 +0000

1,000 signatures reached

2013-11-15 13:53:38 +0000

15/11/2013 We have been notified we have a hearing on the 9th April next year, so have 6 months or so to prepare a case for us to remain in our home together with our son as a family. A huge Thank You to those that have signed, still have to win, but feeling a bit better about our chances.

2013-10-01 19:06:58 +0100

I just got home to the papers for her to leave from Capita on behalf of the Home Office, blimey our sons just 3 weeks old, got a couple of days off thank god, hope i can stop this, wish us some luck guys
cheers steve

2013-10-01 01:50:38 +0100

now have a facebook page where people can leave longer messages or just like so that the word spreads and more people can add their names
thanks to all that have helped, signed, and posted, we love you all

2013-09-30 00:47:49 +0100

just got home from work and wow, 626 signatures, the comments you guys are leaving are really giving us the strength to fight on, i Love the U.K, I'm as British as they come but I was thinking to just sell our home and go, Thank You every one for restoring my faith in this great country.

2013-09-29 14:58:11 +0100

500 signatures reached

2013-09-29 13:30:19 +0100

482 plus 60 letters and a letter of support from our MP, over a 30th of the way there to the 15000 we need, thank you everyone who is taking the time to support us.

2013-09-26 17:45:08 +0100

303 and rising, we need more, but we love everyone who is taking the time to save my family and kkep us together, big love to you all

2013-09-24 23:10:21 +0100

hi for my friends and family overseas, where it asks for a post code, you can use ours, np20 2da

2013-09-24 22:24:56 +0100

100 signatures reached

2013-09-24 19:26:32 +0100

50 signatures reached

2013-09-24 17:56:19 +0100

25 signatures reached

2013-09-24 17:23:58 +0100

10 signatures reached