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To: MP for Stevenage Stephen McPartland

Termination of the 797 Greenline-London coach from Stevenage

Termination of the 797 Greenline-London coach from Stevenage

Please stop the decision to discontinue the 797 service from Stevenage to London Victoria.

Why is this important?

This service is used by a lot of local residents every day to go back and forth to London where they work. Without the 797 they will have to use the train at nearly double the cost. The students at Herfordshire University will be affected in the same way. Patients having to go to major London hospitals will be in the same situation. Old aged pensioners with freedom passes won't be able to use it in the train and won't be able to afford the train fare. Arriva operates the 757 service from Luton to London -Victoria. They run 45 coaches 24 hours daily. If Arriva says that they are discontinuing the 797 because it is not economical. The same applies to the five 757 services both ways between 1.00am - 5.00am in the morning. Arriva could cancel these five services and instead run a minimum 797 service which in the end will be more profitable for the operator. This way customers of the 797 won't be so badly affected by Arrivas decision.

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