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To: Philip Clarke, CEO, Tesco

Tesco: pay your workers a wage they can live on

Tesco: pay your workers a wage they can live on

It's time to end poverty pay by paying the Living Wage to all your staff - from the cashiers to the cleaners.

The UK Living Wage rates, currently £8.80 in London and £7.65 elsewhere, give people the bare minimum necessary to support their basic needs.

Tesco - the UK's largest private sector employer - should be leading the way in investing in staff and in the wider community by paying Living Wages. Tesco customers want to shop at a Living Wage supermarket.

Why is this important?

As the largest private sector employer in the UK, it's time for Tesco to pay fair.

I worked at Tesco for the majority of my adult life and saw first-hand the many problems created by poverty pay. I managed to progress in the company from a Saturday till girl to a manager through the training and opportunities that were given to me at Tesco. I am grateful for those but I saw all around me people who weren't so lucky.

Too many of my colleagues struggled to get by even with a full time role. Many juggled multiple jobs to make ends meet. Again and again, good people left the company because they couldn't earn enough to provide for themselves and their families.

In my experience, most people who work for Tesco on the front line don't feel the company is living up to its values. They feel that when push comes to shove Tesco picks money over people.

By putting an end to poverty pay through the Living Wage, Tesco can turn this situation around. Tesco can rebuild trust with its own staff, its customers and the community, and be a better business for it.

On June 27th, Tesco holds its annual shareholder meeting, and we'll be bringing this call for pay justice to their board of directors. Let's build the momentum to make sure Tesco knows we want Living Wages with our groceries - join me and sign the petition!

Every #LivingWage helps

Reasons for signing

  • By not paying adequate living wages, other taxpayers are footing the bill for big corporations when these people need housing benefit and tax credits. This is NOT fair, Tesco makes huge profits annually for its shareholders. Pay proper wages Tesco
  • The minimum wage is NOT enough to live on.


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