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The baby's voice

The baby's voice

To change the laws/rules on baby's born early.

Why is this important?

My son was born at 23 weeks and I was never in my pregnancy made aware that if my baby was ever to be born prior to 24 weeks there would be no help from the nurses and doctors to save my sons life, I am now fighting for justice for my son and every other baby that's not had the chance of life and now questioning if mistakes were made in my labour as recently coronation Street done a storyline that was exactly the same to mine although the doctor told michelle that if her baby tried to breathe after he had been born they would try to help! My son was born and for 4 minutes as My mum held him he was struggling and wriggling and trying to breathe, that noise will haunt me forever,and not one nurse or doctor tried to help him, my mum, my husband and myself just had to watch in horror until he was words can describe that moment he left us.

For three days I was in pain, contacted my midwife, went to see her and she didn't examine me, she suggested that I had a urine infection, I went home crippling in pain hardly able to walk, and all night I kept saying something is wrong I need help, the next morning I was bleeding a little and my dad rushed me to the hospital in Dumfries, I was made to wait over an hour and then the nurse suggested I go to my neurology appointment that was actually scheduled for that day, after my appointment I went back to the maternity unit and I was then examined, I will never forget the doctor whispering to his trainee doctor, looked at me...sighed and said you are already 3cm dilated miss little, once you reach 5cm your baby will be born.... I started having a panic attack, begging them to do something, asking if he's born what hospital will he be taken to, will he be ok, is this something that happens alot, I was so confused. The doctor told me they are going to take me to the delivery suite and someone will come and talk to me.

My dad then came into the room and my mum and sister arrived, all standing looking at me asking what's going to happen and I can't even explain how it felt having to tell my family that my son was going to be born but because I was 23 weeks they will not help him, the horror on my family's face will never leave me, because it's not just me and my husband that is about to go through this heartbreak it's 2 family's!

Unlike michelle I was given a birth and death certificate as my son was born alive, baby's that are allowed a birth certificate and death certificate are allowed to have a funeral however i was told that if your baby doesn't get those certificates you cannot plan your own baby's funeral, so may things need looked at in these circumstances and things need to change because what about the baby's who could survive at that age, unless you try you will never know.I understand there must be a cut off date for health reasons but when your baby's literally 1 week before the cut off,they could have your dates wrong by 2 weeks either side.if your baby is showing signs of life they have to try,they can't let mother's literally watch their baby suffocate!!

I had a baby 1 year later who was born at 27 weeks and she is absolutely perfect,she was 1lb 15oz when she was born,even a little try from hospital staff would probably have a massive emotional help to the parents but to make you feel like your baby life didn't count has a serious impact on a familys mental health and I don't care how strong you are, nothing prepares you for that . I recently read the following statement online "Doctors at many hospitals leave babies born at 23 weeks or earlier to die as only nine out of 100 such babies survive. Many that do survive are left with severe disabilities" but what I would like to say after reading that is why is it not upto the parents, the two people who chose to create that life and the two people that have been planning their new future for the last 5 months, I know some people may disagree but personally if I want to dedicate my life to bringing up MY child whether it has disabilities or not is my choice, many children are born everyday with disabilities so are they saying that if they knew for sure a baby was to have some kind of severe disability the pregnancy should really be terminated? NO because that would be inhumane so why is this any different???

And let's not forget about A record-breaking baby girl who was born at just 21 weeks and five days after spending five months in neonatal care. Little Frieda was born on November 7, 2010, at Fulda Children's Hospital in Germany. She weighed just 1lb and measured 11 inches and survived just fine, So please help change the rules on premature Labours and sign this petition so we can make sure every baby born alive at birth should be helped straight away and if a baby is born asleep then they should be allowed a record of birth to remember their baby and know that it is will be treated as a person.

After I gave birth to Dylan and I had time with him to talk to him and hold his little hands, and touch his perfect little face, the hospital staff were great with us, but I needed them to be great during my labour not after, although I cannot fault the staff for the days after, I could not give them the same kindness back because I felt like they have just decided NO she cannot have her baby,

I want to change the law! I believe that if ANY baby is born and shows sign of life they should be helped, yes every case is different but this isn't just a guideline that needs to be followed THIS IS A BABYS LIFE! the parents have to forever think what if....!?? How can they justify leaving innocent babys trying to breathe to die and they expect the parents to accept that.. The damage mentally this causes is unbelievable, I can't find the words right now to explain how it feels. But please.. If they show signs of life please help them... Please!!??

How it will be delivered

Via email or meeting

Reasons for signing

  • Every baby deserves the chance to live, my heart goes out to the 2 families affected from this. ❤️
  • Every baby deserves a chance ,
  • Because no matter what that baby deserved a chance they should have tried


2017-02-14 17:42:31 +0000

Thanks everyone for your lovely comments, my second child was born at 27 weeks and she is fit and healthy 1 and half years old now, I do understand some of there reasons but just give them a chance :(

2017-02-05 20:54:09 +0000

Thank you all for your kind comments and your support, I am currently working on a newspaper article to try and help with the petition and try make this change happen, it is so emotional to read everyone's story's and experiences, Thankyou so much, please look our for the newspaper and magazine article and continue to support this cause. X x x

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