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To: Office of Fair Trading

Make Ticket Touting Illegal

Make Ticket Touting Illegal

Ticket Touting is illegal for the general public. You can no longer legally sell tickets outside venues etc. But it is still legal for companies such as Ticketmaster and to essentially buy tickets and sell them on for double the price.

Ticket Touting should be made illegal for all, only specific venders and the actual venues and artists should be able to sell the tickets, and be capped at the face value.

We are calling for Trading Standards and the UK Government to step in, increase and change the laws around companies ripping off legitimate fans wanting tickets to their favourite artists.

Why is this important?

Ticket touting is illegal for us as a general public and so it should be for the Corporations selling the tickets.

For Example:
AC/DC tickets went on sale on 17/12/14 at 9:30am and supposedly in 60 minutes they had SOLD OUT according to Ticketmaster, yet their website was directing customers to, Getmein is owned by Ticketmaster. They were selling tickets for double face value, and not just a handful of tickets it was over a thousand tickets being sold an hour after on a partner site because the main site had "SOLD OUT".

If you can't work it out, Getmein buy the tickets from Ticketmaster and then sell them on for double or more, because the official vendors have sold out of tickets the show is officially Sold Out therefore they feel they can boost the price, but actually the tickets are more than likely just moving from one end of an office to the other end. This is wrong and if we stand together on the matter change will happen!!

We all have the right to see our favourite artists without being ripped off and having to wait for our tickets to be sold to sub vendors owned by the main vendor.

How it will be delivered

Depending on the number of backers we get on this petition we want to Deliver in person all the signatures to the Trading Office with a group of us together.


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Reasons for signing

  • Because I was ripped off getting Rolling Stones tickets. Impossible to get directly, even on the first day they were released, so if I wanted to go I had to get one at a hiked price.
  • It is so frustrating desperately wanting to see a band but only being able to find tickets that are 3 or 4 times the value because people bought the tickets just to sell them on.
  • Ticket master should be hung drawn and quartered for doing this. Makes me sick!!!


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