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To: Cabinet Members for Queens Honours eligibility

Tim Curry National Treasure Petition to receive an Honour from the Queen

Tim Curry National Treasure Petition to receive an Honour from the Queen

Tim Curry has been professionally active since 1968 and is still a strong presence today in his 70s.

Mr Currys acting and singing talents cannot fail to move you in any of the various roles he has brilliantly brought to life.

He rose to prominence for his portrayal of Dr. Frank-N-Furter in the film The Rocky Horror Picture Show, reprising the role he had originated in the 1973 London and 1974 Los Angeles musical stage productions of The Rocky Horror Show. This show alone did so much to help so many people who didn’t feel connected with the world That the cult following became their own family across the world.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Annie. Legend. Clue. Stephen King’s It. Home Alone 2 and so many voices, It’s an absolutely wild, wide-ranging resume for Tim Curry, one of the greatest character actors to ever show up in supporting roles and cameos and unintentionally stealing scenes out from under the leads.

From cross-dressing aliens to killer clowns, Curry has played myriad parts and he has excelled in them all. Having made his (small) screen debut almost 55 years ago, Curry has in his time displayed the knack to be able to go from being fairly sedate to genuinely terrifying in many of the roles he has taken on, making his already impressive range of performances even more mind blowing.

What a man, what a star, what a role model for up and coming actors to look up to.

Why is this important?

I admire and respect Mr Currys talent and dedication to his craft that I would love to see him receive an award in recognition of his work.

A Queens honour would be a fitting way to thank this wonderful man for his talent and service to show business.


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