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To: Chris Grayling, Justice Minister


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Campaign created by
Caroline Roberts

Take the secrecy out of family courts.
Stop Social Services relying on hearsay evidence to destroy families.

Why is this important?

Children are being removed everyday by social services and getting placed for adoption without consent. They are being traumatized by the system, emotionally abused, due to the fact that social services, the Courts and Cafcass are allowed to use hearsay evidence, with no actual facts being produced.

Parents are being criminalized by the process, even though they have not been charged with any offence. This is emotionally abusing children and destroying family life as we know it.

The Secrecy needs removing from Family Courts. Social Workers need to be held accountable. Forced adoption should only be used as a last resort. Children and families are being destroyed, which in the long run destroys generations.

Children have the right to be brought up by their parents or a family member, but this is not happening as social service use hearsay evidence and are biased in all/any assessments. If they want the CHILD they nearly always win. Parents/grandparent are gagged and so the secrecy goes on and on. When will it stop so that the child come first?

Non resident parents have the right to see their child (as long as its safe for the child), but the court process makes this so difficult, which affects the child emotionally and can hinder the relationship between the child and other parent....


United Kingdom

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Reasons for signing

  • Our family has been destroyed. We are all victims in this. We were a normal family doing normal things until this bunch got involved. It is disgraceful. So many lies. Lie after lie to fit their agenda.
  • I've been a victim of social services when they took my daughter away from me so this isn't close to home for me
  • It is 1000 time worse than you could possibly imagine. and the mental health damage this spawns, means and increase in terrorism that new self harm.


2016-05-09 00:20:14 +0100

We are gathering lots of signatures, but need many more in order to get anyone to look at this. Even if it has not happened to yourself, you probably know someone that has had involved with either the court services or social services..The whole system is not fit for purpose and needs changing....

Check our facebook page
or our website as the information may help people within these processes...

2014-12-27 19:18:53 +0000

Hi everyone, we have over 1,300 signatures now, but we need more to try and achieve any change within the system. The Family Courts are criminalizing parents and extended families as they are allowed to use hearsay evidence with no proof whatsoever. They stop contact with family members, using false allegations, this has to be stopped. For any child to be taken from their parents or family members, then there should be proper evidence used. For contact to be terminated, the allegations should be evidence based. The criminal court uses 'beyond reasonable doubt', why can a child be removed from its parents on the 'balance of probability' or on future emotional abuse. An individual can commit a very serious crime, serve a prison sentence and still have contact with their child, why does the family court system play by their own rules.........Why do they want to keep it so secret, that they gag anyone that opens there mouth.....

2014-12-12 16:39:14 +0000

1,000 signatures reached

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500 signatures reached

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