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To: Trafford MBC



We, the undersigned think enough is enough. We are already living with reduced services, the streets are full of fly tipping, bins go unemptied and the parks go untended. Residents are already plugging the gaps in libraries, parks, caring, running sessions of playgroups, litter picking...
We want to know what you are spending our hard earned money on-The budget seems vague. Let us have enough information to see whether we agree with what you *are* spending money on, as the cuts are (again) impacting upon the weakest and most vulnerable in our community.

As that is what we are saying, as residents from across the borough, Enough is enough.

Why is this important?

Almost 200 staff could lose their jobs at Trafford Council as part of budget proposals to save £24m.The plans to reshape the council by 2016 include shutting seven of its eight youth centres and four of its six children's centres.
The council also plans to lose a third of school crossing patrols and stop paying for Christmas decorations.
A council spokesman said total savings of £24.3m were needed due to a reduction in central government funding, inflation, increased waste disposal charges and "some under-achievement in savings targets in 2014/15 being rolled over to 2015/16".
The authority closed 10 children's centres as part of an effort to save £34m between 2013 and 2015.
Under the latest proposals, youth centres in Partington, Davyhulme, Lostock, Sale West, Broomwood, Old Trafford and Gorse Hill and children's centres in Urmston, Altrincham, Sale and Old Trafford would close.
The plans, which have been opened to public consultation, have identified 199 council staff at risk of redundancy - 107 from front line services, 68 from back office roles and 24 management positions.
The proposals would also mean up to 37 of the borough's 97 school crossing patrols are cut and allotment fees are raised by 50p a week


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Reasons for signing

  • Hearing about far too many cuts in services & people doing voluntary work in jobs that were once paid jobs.
  • The cuts are destroying Trafford MBC
  • very good cause


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Hi and thanks for signing this petition, if you could keep signing, liking, tweeting,sharing we can hopefully start to use this as a way of attracting some press attention and getting some kind of dialogue going with TMBC.
We accept that times are tough, and we know that there are decisions to be made- all we are asking for is more information about what alternatives they have? What have they decided to keep whilst cutting these services and jobs?
Thanks again,

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