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To: Carmarthenshire county council

To fly the rainbow flag over County Council Building in LGBTQ history month

23/02/18 We won!!

The rainbow flag will be flown above Carmarthenshire County Hall this weekend following a row over the council's flag protocol.

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To fly the  rainbow flag over County Council Building in LGBTQ history month

We ask Carmarthenshire County Council to fly the rainbow flag in support of LGBTQ history month. We ask they change the constitution so other flags can be flown at other times of the year.

Why is this important?

LGBTQ history month is celebrated every Feburary by councils across Wales by flying flags over council buildings. Councils across the country fly the rainbow flag including Merthyr, Cardiff and Vale of Glamorgan yet Carmarthenshire County Council still refuses to.

It is important so the people of Carmarthenshire know their Council supports them, irrespective of gender or sexuality. A flag is more than just a flag, it is a beacon of hope for many.


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Reasons for signing

  • To see where time has bought us through years, to see how homosexuality is allowed now, 50 years since decriminalisation of homosexuality. Do not take those peoples lives in vein that died for being who they were. They were murdered and tortured because they were being true to themselves. Please, raise our flag for those who never got to be as free as we are allowed to be now.
  • Former Carmarthenshire county councillor
  • Don't ignore inequality


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