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To: Mr. Andrew Haines. Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)

to keep open the operating License of Manston Airport

to keep open the operating License of Manston Airport

Dear Mr. Haines,

We the people of this petition respectfully ask you and your organization that any application to withdraw Manston Airports Operating License is not actioned or granted because of the Prime Ministers statement in response to Sir Roger Gales Question raised in the House of Commons, today 14th May 2014. Please see below for transcript of Sir Roger’s question and the Prime Minister’s response and pledge of Help towards the continuation of Manston Airport, as an Airport.

Transcript of Sir Roger Gale’s question today in the House: “Mr Speaker, at the end of November, Mrs Ann Gloag, a director the stage coach company acquired Manston airport in my constituency for £1. On budget day this year Mrs Gloag announced that she was going into consultation with a view to closing an airport that is worth hundreds of jobs, is a major diversion field, and a search and rescue base. Mr Speaker, since then my Hon friend the member for south Thanet and I have sought to find a buyer. Last night the RiverOak company of Connecticut who already have airport interest put in an enhanced and realistic offer to keep Manston open save the jobs and develop the business. At present the owners are reluctant to negotiate. Mr Speaker, I don’t expect my right honourable friend to engage in commercial negotiation’s, but will he seek to ensure the CAA Operating license remains open, that Manston remains open, and that further discussion are held and will he encourage those discussions to take place”.

Transcript of the PM’s response: “I know that my honourable friend has been fighting very hard with the honourable member for Thanet South about the future of Manston airport. And recognises that it has played an important role in the local economy and employed local people. Ultimately the future of Manston remains the responsibility of the of the airport owner…BUT… I do think its important that the government is engaged and I know my right honourable friend the Transport Secretary IS engaged. He will be speaking to MRS GLOAG about this issue and, also contacting Riveroak the potential purchasers. In the end they have to make a commercial decision but the government will do everything it can to help.”

Yours faithfully,
Kevin Webb.

Why is this important?

Jobs, economy, critical national infrastructure, viable business potential, key asset and Major Diversion Field.

Reasons for signing

  • A great and needed asset for jobs in the area and also future investment for the country.
  • To keep Manston airport open as it is vital to the SE economy, and local employment.
  • manston needs to stay open as an airport but i fear ann gloag will have sold eveything off soon unless things move fast


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