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To: Cardiff Council

Traffic calming needed on Llandaff road and neighbouring streets

This campaign has ended.

Traffic calming needed on Llandaff road and neighbouring streets

We the undersigned the residents of Llandaff Road, Romilly Crescent, Romilly Road and neighbouring streets, call on Cardiff Council to urgently implement Effective Traffic Calming and Speed Control Measures.

· Speed Bump
· Speed Cameras
· More Pedestrian Crossings
· Address the Junctions of
Cardiff Road / Llandaff Road / Pencisely Road
Cae Syr Dafydd / Llandaff Road
Romilly Crescent / Romilly Road / Llandaff Road
· Encourage Walking and Cycling
· More Tree Planting
· Vehicle Activated Speed Signs

Why is this important?

There have been numerous serious accidents along the roads in recent years caused by vehicles driving out of control and at high speed. The area is either totally congested or has vehicles speeding, the result being either gridlock or reckless driving, driving through red lights and mounting of curbs. Especially on the top end of Llandaff Road / Pencisely Road / Cardiff Road junction.

There are many schools in the area and there is a serious threat to pedestrians and school children.

Canton, Cardiff, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • I witness terrifyingly reckless and criminal driving on these roads. These are not rare occurrences. People routinely cut red lights at the Llandaff/Romilly crossroads, turn right into the oncoming traffic and mount the pavement. The lights should release one quadrant at a time, if people can’t manage bidirectional traffic. Motorists are already exploiting narrow side roads as rat runs. Unless these side roads are also protected (e.g. a one-way system), they will become even more dangerous.
  • My dog was nearly hit last week as a car mounted the pavement to avoid waiting in traffic. Its so dangerous.
  • I live on the south end of Llandaff Road and the amount of people who completely ignore the speed limit makes it a very dangerous road to even walk along side. People aren't taking the "new" 20 mph limit seriously and are still doing 30 mph plus extra. It gets to the point where people are almost doing twice the designated speed limit on a very residential and pedestrian heavy road, which is incredibly dangerous as the road and pavement is already quite narrow.


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