To: Bath & North East Somerset Council

Traffic Calming on Gloucester Road, Lower Swainswick

Traffic Calming on Gloucester Road, Lower Swainswick

B&NES council to install traffic calming measures in the 20mph section of the Gloucester Road in Lower Swainswick, between Alice Park and the junction with Bennet’s Road.

Why is this important?

This section of the road runs through a residential area, including Swainswick Gardens, a housing development for disabled and elderly people. Many vehicles travel this section of road, especially the downhill carriageway, in excess of the speed limit. Local residents have experienced near misses by speeding vehicles when trying to cross the road.

Larkhall, Bath

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Reasons for signing

  • Cars frequently exceeding the speed limit.
  • We need more traffic calming measures along this stretch of road as it's dangerous, people drive too fast and eventually there will be a bad accident.


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