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Turn the Grenfell tower site into a memorial park

Turn the Grenfell tower site into a memorial park

Petition your government to compulsory purchase the entire Grenfell Tower site to reshape the whole area into a memorial park to honour those who died in the fire.

Why is this important?

It is important to send a message to greedy land owners, absentee landlords and private building consortiums that prime real estate does not come at the expense to public lives no mater their ethic diversity or monetary wealth.

Reasons for signing

  • this is one of the richest councils in the UK - a permanent memorial would be a small way to demonstrate that the council and other local residents and property developers are not just greedily thinking about themselves . The Grenfell residents were some of the most vulnerable people in the borough and they need to be cherished and looked after with dignity and respect. They have suffered enough.
  • The Grenfell Fire was one of the worst disasters this country has ever seen and so a permanent memorial would be a fitting tribute to the victims.


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