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Unecessarily high voltage mains supplies


We are tired of being supplied with these high voltages. We are supposed to be on 230 volts but some find up to 255 volts on their supply. This means our bills are up to 25% higher than needs be and our bulbs blow very frequently, there are consumers who change a bulb most weeks, and our electrical appliances have shortened lives and over heat. Transformers supplying kitchen lights have burned out in several attics and maybe there is a fire risk. The effects on higher profits are as huge as the effects upon the carbon release.

Please do something about this with UK Power Networks.

Why is this important?

The official minimum voltage is 216.2 and all appliances will work with this.
For every 10 volts above this your bill will be approximately 8% higher!
So, my 255 volts could be costing me at nearly 27% extra on my bills.

Carbon release is also unecessarily increased.
United Kingdom

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