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To: Minister of Health

Unpaid carers need to get free lateral flow tests

Unpaid carers need to get free lateral flow tests

Unpaid carers, look after the personal, physical, mental,emotional, and practical support of vulnerable family members, friends , partners. We are often the main caregivers , saving the government a fortune. We are often on low or no income . We need to protect the people we care for but are not entitled to free lateral flow tests as we are not paid professionals caregivers.
We ask the government to allow registered unpaid carers to continue receiving free lateral flow tests.

Why is this important?

Paid carers , health workers etc can still receive free lateral flow tests . Unpaid carers often spend hours a week with people for whom Covid would be very dangerous, in some cases fatal. We want to keep our loved ones safe.
Unpaid carers are often not acknowledged, yet there is a whole army of us who give unconditional love, care,and support, are on call 24/7 in many cases at a detriment to our own physical and mental health. The majority of unpaid carers are financially challenged, whilst caring out of love , respect, or need, have their lives on hold.
We ask the government to acknowledge us and allow us free lateral flow tests the same as paid carers , professional staff, and some volunteers. £2 does not sound a lot . But multiple that by the number of tests we are obliged to take a month it’s a huge amount .

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