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To: Dominic Raab



I would like Mr Raab to help organise repatriation flights for British citizens stranded in Guatemala. He must intervene to help bring home British Nationals who are currently stranded in Guatemala.

Currently the only option provided by the British embassy has been a shuttle service to the Mexican border (run by a private company) with no guaranteed onward travel or assistance crossing the border. Following crossing the Mexican border it would also be impossible to return to Guatemala as the border in the opposite direction is closed, and there is no guarantee that flights will continue to run from Mexico.

The British embassy is also shut most afternoons and all weekend and not responding to emails.

Why is this important?

Many British citizens are stranded in Guatemala and are being left to make their own arrangements with little to no guidance from our embassy except to go to a potentially dangerous border. Some have infants or are in other compromised situations (medication potentially running out etc.)

Furthermore many tourists are scattered throughout the country and there is a curfew now in place. Mr Raab needs to organise for British nationals to have special dispensation for a period of time to travel to an international airport.



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Embassy completely hopeless - wrong information or no information- perfect

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