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To: University of Southampton Council

Vice-Chancellor appointment at University of Southampton

This campaign has ended.

Vice-Chancellor appointment at University of Southampton

We, the undersigned, want a Vice-Chancellor who:

1. Dedicates themselves in national and local debates on higher education, to a vision of Universities as public goods not just private economic ones;
2. Is willing to take a critical approach to the University strategy and 10 year plan and seeks to avoid further cuts to frontline staff;
3. Recognises the need to avoid further unnecessary and unhelpful restructuring and associated disruption;
4. Employs a management style that embodies the values of the University (excellence, creativity, community and integrity), and truly values and nurtures our University community;
5. Empowers the University Senate for active decision-making, and commits to returning to open democratic processes with University’s Senate at their heart to improve accountability;
6. Receives a salary that is no more than 20 times the salary of the lowest paid employee in the University and commits to ensuring that the University pays the real living wage to all directly employed staff.

Why is this important?

As recent years have shown, the appointment of a new Vice Chancellor can have a profound effect on the reputation of the University of Southampton and on the lives of all who work and study here.
Many staff and students at the University do not feel confident about the University strategy and 10-year plan, which has been responsible for a constant decline in our conditions of work and study.
Repeated restructuring of the University has proved highly disruptive and costly in terms of time and money. It has been a major distraction from our world leading education and research.



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