To: Leader of Poole council, Janet Walton

Reopen Closed Poole Public Toilets

Reopen Closed Poole Public Toilets

Reopen Closed Poole Public Toilets

Why is this important?

Now hitting national & local press daily, plus radio stations is the closure of 8 public loos in Poole. They were closed without public consultation or surveys on use or possible community toilets schemes available.

Visitors in Sandbanks are resorting to peeing in millionaires front gardens. Its Loo-Nacy, the locals are up in arms!

As a tourist town it will die!

Yet they waste £210,000 of our money on a Maritime Week, where is the logic?

Penny Wise Pound Foolish

You can read more here:

Sandbanks, Poole

Reasons for signing

  • toilets are the most basic need in a civilised society.
  • Homeless people need to use them, and it might be the only place they can use to wash. Anybody can get caught short, surely the council could find a better way to save a bit more money.


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