To: The Houses of Parliament

Vote of No confidence in the Conservative Government.

Vote of No confidence in the Conservative Government.

Call a General Election Now.

Why is this important?

The underhand deals, lack of transparency, manipulations, dishonesty, cuts, outsourcing, privatisation and deregulation of sevices in this Country has left the people, especially the low-paid, poor, disabled, disadvantaged and vulnerable, without hope of a more equal, fairer, safer society!
The 1.5 Billion deal (bribe) between the Tory Government and the DUP is a most blatant, self serving, dishonest and morally corrupt act from this Government. A Government whose aims work against the best interests of ordinary people .The very people they are meant to serve!
Their innately cruel Policies against the poor and disabled should not have to be tolerated by any Country. A vote of NO Confidence demands that a General Election be called!

Great Britain

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Reasons for signing

  • after her reshuffle its clear she or her cronies are not fit to govern i mean esther mcvey who supports people using food banks and voted for every cut in every benefit going might as well have gave the grim reaper the job nhs in turmoil and jeremy hunt gets to keep his job ...strong and stable more like weak and wobbley im sick of it britain is a laughing stock
  • this lot need to be chucked out Asap they are divisive greedy selfish liars who would sell their granny for 50p
  • this the worst government i ever seen in my time


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