To: The Houses of Parliament

Vote of No confidence in the Conservative Government.

Vote of No confidence in the Conservative Government.

Call a General Election Now.

Why is this important?

The underhand deals, lack of transparency, manipulations, dishonesty, cuts, outsourcing, privatisation and deregulation of sevices in this Country has left the people, especially the low-paid, poor, disabled, disadvantaged and vulnerable, without hope, of a more equal, fairer, safer, society!
The 1.5 Billion deal (bribe) between the Tory Government and the DUP is a most blatant, self serving, dishonest and morally corrupt act from this Government. A Government whose aims work against the best interests of ordinary people .The very people they are meant to serve!
Their innately cruel Policies against the poor and disabled should not have to be tolerated by any Country. A vote of NO Confidence demands that a General Election be called!

Great Britain


Reasons for signing

  • This grossly incompetent party needs to go now, before any more damage is done to the UK.
  • This is a non-performing, defunct collection of self-serving individuals devoid of ideas, steering car crash of a government, so absorbed by but incapable of managing Brexit that all around them the country is falling apart.
  • They are nasty, self-obsessed, money grabbing, soulless, incompetent, evil bastards


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