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To: Cllr Richard Scott (Chairman) - Executive Leader of the Council

Vote of No Confidence : - Wycombe District Council Cabinet

Vote of No Confidence : - Wycombe District Council Cabinet

This is to indicate the lack of confidence that the local electorate have in the Wycombe District Council Cabinet, based on their undemocratic handling of the WDC Reserve Sites.

Only Cabinet members were allowed to vote (it was not thought worthy to allow all 60 councillors vote). These are:

- Cllr Richard Scott (Chairman), Executive Leader of the Council, Ward: Marlow South East
- Cllr Hugh McCarthy (Deputy Leader), Cabinet Member for Strategy, Ward: Hazlemere North
- Cllr Neil Marshall, Cabinet Member for Planning and Sustainability, Ward: Marlow North and West
- Cllr Julia Adey, Cabinet Member for Community, Ward: The Wooburns
- Cllr Mel Foster, Cabinet Member for Finance, Ward: Lacey Green, Speen and the Hampdens
- Cllr Tony Green, Cabinet Member for Economic Development and Regeneration, Ward: Terriers and Amersham Hill
- Cllr Mahboob Hussain JP, Cabinet Member for HR, ICT & Customer Services, Ward: Abbey
- Cllr Jean Teesdale, Cabinet Member for Environment, Ward: Chiltern Rise

As a side note: all of these Councilors represent The Conservatives

Only cabinet members were allowed to vote and given unlimited time to make their case, only 60 seconds were given to other council members who wished to represent their electorate properly and fairly. The 1200 respondents and 7000 comments were not considered. Other options were not considered, including privately commissioned reports on empty offices spaces.

Some exerts:

Cllr Tony Green, Cabinet Member for Economic Development and Regeneration "The reserve sites have been earmarked for many years, so it shouldn't come as a surpsie to anyone (that we are here now)."

It did surprise us that democracy failed us though.

Why is this important?

Because democratically elected representatives at all levels of government should be accountable for the decisions they make, and the electorate have a right to show our lack of confidence.

What we can do:
1) Add your name to this campaign
2) Write to your local Councillor & your local MP
3) Show your disdain with how you vote next year
4) Stand for election against those on the Cabinet (You'd get my vote!)

Wycombe District

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Reasons for signing

  • Abandoning the will of the very people who elected them, and ignoring the recommendations outright, of the very committee set up to scrutinize the plans smacks of complete arrogance and is a disgrace
  • Utter disgrace to lose such an important valley in the Chilterns and with such lack of concern for democracy
  • Undemocratic resulting in further erosion of Wycombe


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2014-10-23 13:29:37 +0100

A reporter from Bucks Free Press contacted me today and will hopefully be running a piece on this petition. Hopefully that will get the numbers even further.

Please share this far a wide. I really feel we should show our dis-satisfaction of how this was handled through a show of no confidence in the proceddinga nd the cabinet.

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100 signatures reached

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