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To: Ravi Govindia, Leader, Wandsworth Council

Wandsworth Council: make the Alton Estate regeneration a better deal for Roehampton

Wandsworth Council: make the Alton Estate regeneration a better deal for Roehampton

BUILD MANY MORE COUNCIL HOMES - not just the 30 additional council homes that are in the current plans. Swap the private homes for council homes - there's a housing crisis and we must support average income and low income families.

WE WANT MORE AND BETTER YOUTH FACILITIES than in the current plans – cuts to youth facilities in the area have gone too far, let's turn this around.

WE WANT DEDICATED SPACE FOR LOCAL COMMUNITY GROUPS to use within the new library building. Let's help support and build our local community!

Buses are already full and even the Council Leader says Roehampton is hard to get to - let's fix this, not make it worse!

Why is this important?

The Alton Estate Regeneration in Roehampton must meet the needs of local people and not just the developers! Help us fight for change!

The final plans are being agreed in the next few months and then building work will start, so now is the time to say what we want.

Roehampton has suffered from years of under-investment by this Council. The proposed redevelopment is an opportunity to turn this around, and is costing the Council £108 million. But the current plans are not good enough.

Local people have come together to make these demands through a local survey and community meetings. Our community will be growing but these plans won't meet our needs. We need MORE council houses, youth services, community spaces and better transport.

How it will be delivered

This will be presented to Wandsworth Council by Fleur Anderson, Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Roehampton, and Roehampton councillors: Cllr Ambache, Cllr, Gilbert and Cllr Mckinney.

Roehampton, London

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Reasons for signing

  • The residents have been living in limbo long enough, the regeneration needs to start ASAP


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