To: The next UK Government

We call upon the next UK government to make electoral reform a priority

We call upon the next UK government to make electoral reform a priority

Make electoral reform the highest priority after the coming election. Give the people a genuine referendum on electoral reform where more than 2 options are presented and facilitate a debate on the options available to people.

Why is this important?

We have entered an era of multi - party politics and our voting system is not just creaking at the seams but actively disengaging people with politics. Twice in a row less than 70% of those registered to vote actually cast a vote at the ballots, at least in part because their vote makes absolutely no difference to the outcome. It is impossible for politicians to engage with these people under the First Past the Post System when voting options are so varied compared to 20 or 30 years ago.

Several parties focus their entire campaigns on key marginal seats and around 500,000-1 million swing voters in those seats decide the whole election, rather than the 46 million who should be deciding the outcome. With trust in politics incredibly low after the expenses scandal and politicians voting against the Right to Recall failed MPs from parliament. This would be an opportunity to show the people that politicians can work together for the benefit of the whole population and against their own self-interests.

How it will be delivered

There are currently 4 main petitions already totalling incredible numbers of signatures. Preliminary talks suggest delivering all petitions together to Parliament in person.


Reasons for signing

  • A system that encourages strategic voting to this degree is bad for progressive ideas (and admittedly regressive ideas too). Rather than two parties representing political ideologies we have two political brands constantly trying to reinvent themselves. People should be able to vote for what they believe in.
  • Modernise & Reform, a good place to start!


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