To: Duke of Northumberland

Save Highfield Park (HFP)

Save Highfield Park (HFP)

Please extend the lease for Highfield Park. The Skaters of Highfield Park who are members of Prudhoe Town Council’s Young People's Forum (PTCYPF) have helped raise funds to improve its facilities and make it the community hub it is today. But time is running out (13 years left). If it disappears there will be nowhere for young people to go.

Why is this important?

I’ve been skating at Highfield Park for over ten years. It’s the only place that provides an outdoor space for families and young people to enjoy.

We’ve raised funds that have enabled us to install skating facilities and floodlights so we can use the space in the winter.

But now we have 13 years left on the lease. This makes it hard to apply for any other funding to improve the area – benefactors will only invest in something they see being around for the foreseeable future. Lease needs to be over 25 years for funding.

It also makes us concerned that the next generation of families and young people won’t be able to enjoy the space that we have.

If it wasn’t for the park there would be nowhere in the area for young people to go – we’d end up back on the streets or sitting indoors playing computer games.

We already have the support of Councillors, Thompsons of Prudhoe, James Dolan and Bespoke Concrete. – who often helps with digging and putting in new facilities – but we need you to grant us our wish to extend the lease.

Highfield Park is a great place for the family and if we continue investing in it then it could be even better.

Please help us save Highfield!

Highfield Lane, Prudhoe, United Kingdom

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Reasons for signing

  • Highfield Park is a very important venue for young people in the area and it must be saved.
  • Save Highfield Park
  • It's better for kids to be skating at Highfield Park than hanging around outside the Co-Op. Save Highfied Park.